A poem affirming the knowledge on our beautiful disease.
Being alive, in a discarding and scary time.

I / 8/ SELF

(Read Aloud)

Voiced by Moonstar 

Written by E.V.E 



I am losing my love, the one I seek.


I am losing my love. The one I need.


The one I know.

The one I grow.


I am losing my love. The one that breathes.


I am losing my love- the one that says.


‘ It will be okay.’

‘ It will be fine.’

‘ You can fly.’

‘ You are beautiful inside.’

‘ Don’t listen to the horrors inside your M.I.N.D’

We will find beauty in a new way.

We will find beauty in a new truth.

The beauty lives in Y.O.U.

Y.O.U can’t lose this bloom.

Remember I am here with you. 


I am losing my way.

I have lost the door.

I have lost the key.


I am within the trees.

I am within the roots.

I am within you.

I can’t see.

Who will I be?

Who will survive?

This fading disguise.


I open my eyes,

to endless sky.

I see dreams.

The voices have disappeared

All that is left is M.E. 


A beast with a wondering disease.

I feed on vulnerability.

I feed on pain.

I feed on truth.

I feed on blame.

I feed on desire.

I feed on Y.O.U

I feed my roots,

With nourishing truths.

Nourishing my soil,

Nourishing my name,

I am a process of change.


Discarding. Decomposing. Disintegrating.





I break through,

To see,

Nothing but M.E. 


Beyond my chains,

There is being with freedom in its veins

Beyond my chains,

There is a being with love at its core.

Beyond my chains,

I am no more.


I am the volcanic floor.

I am the tide.

I am the changing sky. 


I am being that has learnt to fly.


I am being that has learnt to fly.


I am alive.




Photography by ndidi iroh



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