I feel cold without you,

I make tea.

I feel lost without you,

A makeshift map,

                       of  arrows on the ground,



         whispers of your sound.


I feel lonely without you,

The Bear,

          in approach.


Gnawing my clothes,

Ripping my flesh

A tasty bed,

of disgrace.      


Moisture builds on your lip,

You like me like this.

                      A longing,

To be kissed.

I feel scared.

Say it again.


I feel scared.

Say it again.


You take me to bed.

Lay me down

Gag my mouth.

Pleasurable screams,

Silenced within your white sheets.


        On your feet.


          Back straight.

Legs wide.

Mouth open.

Your shoulders behind me.

Feet beside me.

Your breasts pressing into my wings,


You move down.

Your fingers,

Bend my sound.

I croak.

               I moan.    

                      I am your bow.

Tell me what you do when you are alone?

When I am cold, lost and lonely,

 I wait for you.

When I am scared,

I become you.

Bend your knees and open wide.

The darkness of my spirit fills the night sky.      


Photography by Darius Iromlou   

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