They will shoot you down for your bravery, 

Dead on the street. 


Ripping you,  

With rotten bleeding teeth. 


Their words seep


You see no mercy.


The nothingness 




Summed up with,

Breaking news body found in lake. 


Please don’t take him away.  


They will shoot you for your bravery

Dead on the street.


They will shoot you for your bravery. 

Without letting you speak. 



I am a woman with child. 

They shoot you down. 



We brought him home. 

Laid him, at your feet. 

Smile, for the crowd. 

Cry, for the television screens. 


They have laid him at your feet. 

They do not speak. 


They say nothing- 

As they shoot you down. 

With the awful sound- 

” That is all we can do for now.”



R.I.P. Richard Okorogheye






Photography by Ivana Cajina

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