She whispered ‘nothing’. That is what I liked most about her. The way she whispered ‘nothing’. It was not the way we were together but rather the way it felt when we were apart. I was strange in that way, I never knew what it felt like to be in or with anyone- until I was apart from them.


Everyone Included. No one excluded. It was what we felt like together that made me understand why our union was important. We did not have space for anyone else- we only had space for the sliver of eternity, the moving deliciousness of all bodies, all cells, all molecules, all forms-finding and forming themselves in an extraordinary collection of change. Our change. This is why everyone was included. We could not live apart, yet many tried and thus many died. We knew what it felt like to live apart, we knew we could not survive and we knew we did not want to.

She whispered ‘nothing’, into my ear and when she did we exploded into all the particles that, we had spent our lives searching for. A sliver of change moving at a kaleidoscopic pace. In this part of the universe, on this small piece of land, in the middle of nowhere, we became all. She whispered once more into ear, an inaudible sound that stretched into the becoming space that was ‘nothing’. Reminding me and instructing us, into the becoming we demanded.

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