Characters Stories

 The Unseen.

Body: Now, I know you think you know the truth, but you don’t.

Ghost 1: That’s not what I heard. I heard that everything was always known before the time of knowing.

Ghost 2: That’s idiotic.

Ghost 3: That’s absurd.

Ghost 5:That’s dangerous.

Body: That is understanding space. Everything is existing in change. Everything is happening and you can perceive in sensation, not only in memory .

The ghosts congratulated themselves in the midst of the chaos.  The story never changed. They did not know the reason why they were ghosts, but they did not want to know. Instead they wanted to save the body. The body that kept them, listening to the world that killed them. There was always death and they were always watching but perhaps this body different, perhaps this body cared about their lives and wanted to save them too.

The Unseen: The child is learning to summon the sweetness of their fire. Soon, they will be ready.

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