Characters Uncategorized reflects on a body.

Ghost: We have many bodies. We need them to survive. If not we may forget you are alive.

Body: I was told to be less sensitive. I wondered what this meant. How could I be less sensitive? What did I need to do?

Did I need to change my feelings? Did I NEED to pretend that I was not feeling? I decided on the latter. I began to speak. Let them know what it felt like to be me. This did nothing. I was still not a body? What did I need to be?

Ghost: Violence can look like many things. Perception is key. If I have a sensitive body then I am more than you can perceive. It changes the nature of our shared reality. 

Body: What hurts?

Ghost: You are the first person to ask me that question. 

I hurt, sometimes, when I look at you and want to hold you close. I feel the space grow. I do not see FORM. I see possibility. I follow that road and then I see that you chose to follow something else.

Body: What do you NEED?

Ghost: Being human did not help me explain. I want you to need me again.


Photography by Darius Iromlou

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