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HERE is dangerous. It requires everything. All of your tools must be gathered and laid at your feet.  Your perception must expand to each galaxy in your perimeter.  Thus each galaxy needs to be at your feet.

This space is open to all but very few, are willing to lay their body, spirit and soul on the ground- for the ants, the snakes and the plants to do as they wish.

I did. I did not know any better. I did not know there was a space for people with broken bones and lonely songs. I later found them, we danced till the sun exploded and the night was born again.

I later found out that my brother did the same but he had confused HERE with NOW and found the realm he had given himself too to be a reflection of the world he was running from. The wind whispered but he only heard the vibrations of his fears.

The soil did not eat him and neither did the snakes, but he laid down, waiting for the change.

Thus HERE and NOW are kin. HERE lives everywhere with no distinction in time or form. NOW is bound to the body and to the silence that fills space. Both are beautiful and both require sacrifice.

H.E.R.E= Harmonies Express Reflected Energies

N.O.W= Noise Over Wind

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