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Nowhere is a place inside me and Somewhere told me I was home.

December dreams of June is a love story that defies the odds.

I know pain. I have known it well, since I was a child. It was how I realised I was different. I mean; it is how I knew that I was a body. If we all felt this excruciating squeal of fortitude, we would speak about it. 

I am consumed.

I wonder what it would feel like, if I did not feel like this. I wonder if I could imagine being someone else. Truly leaving this world and going to a place where I am free, where I breathe effortlessly. Instead I feel like a lizard dreaming of being a butterfly finding the wind after being in a shell.

Would I find paradise or pain?

I will find a body. I will find a name.

The joke is still the same.

I will find something all the same.

Artwork by ASTRO

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