Another love song.

A beast of a love song.

I miss her.  She made me wonder what I could be, if I was different beast. It lasted for a while, long enough to make smile. She made me sing a song that I learnt by heart. A human song, that made me understand my bones, it felt like home- with her I was never felt alone.

I guess its all true.

I am beautiful.

I am the moon.

I am a feeling that cannot be possessed, but you can hold me close, because I want to know, what it feels like to be you. I want to feel your skin; I want to wonder along your truth.

I like to feel that I belong, but this is not true. I am alone. I am a beast, one that was born from a falling fruit.

I want to forget, where I was born, but when you told me the truth, hell came forth and paradise was no more.

I walked through the door, my shadow a memory on the floor.

HELL-=Hope Explores Love Loosely

Photography by MichelleĀ Gutierrez

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