A time traveller’s experiment

I am going to start from the beginning. I broke up with T.I.M.E. I had like many of you, been born into our trickster friend and thought it was the only door- until the pandemic.

The pandemic changed everything.

There was possibility, in a cosmic sense. There was the chance for change because there was no orientation- the monster was finally afraid. It henchman had run away and everything said that was true, was stilled and our own reality could bloom. In other words, there was nowhere to run.

Only places to have fun if I dared to go and see what lived beyond me. I made portals in time and created options for new lives- my life changed dramatically as the slow down made me see, just what was growing around me as no one could hide and everyone was afraid- you see normalcy is whatever we choose to agree on. There was no normalcy, as there was no consensus. Everyone was afraid and it revealed what had been hiding.

So I left Earth.

I had too- I just thought- if I have to be trapped here, there must be many here’s not just where my body is but also where my mind can flow and so I started travelling in and through the unknown until my sprit reached home.  Home was a place where I could grow. A dark space in the furthest reaches of space where I felt safe and where I felt true and sooner or later something started to bloom. I am many things so I don’t have all the details because most of it can’t be explained but what I can say is that I began to change. I began to see that so much was possible- I started to live in the eternity of what could be- the infinity of possibility- the dream that I could be all I could see and then it happened. I left time- I just stopped wearing that disguise and lived inside my own mind- exploring all the possibilities it could conceive and so this letter is from space. A reflection on what took place –the funny things I loved and felt with the humans I met- the memories- that helped me leave and the ones that meant I could return back safe.


Death Always Yearns

T.I.M.E.= Today Is Meeting Energy

                  Tomorrow is my Experiment

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