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Simple Subtraction.

It is very simple. 1+1= 2 but what does life+ memory=

This problem had upset, the small majority of persons who could and would bother to ask this simple equation.

One day an unsuspecting girl dared to ask the unspeakable. Her dark skin gleamed in the raging light of the campfire.

Memory – Life =

Memory the child concluded was a matter of molecule. Water has memory and thus it was not a matter of form but remembrance.

The child was from a people who knew that the elements were quintessential. They were not tools but Gods in their own right.

Thus we move to life.

Life is the act of making communion with those you are called too.

An inability to do such, can equate to a life but is it a life well lived?

A person with no community or no friends is a lonely soul, I know a hermit and he is my friend although often he is often alone.

This memory equates to a beautiful intangible florescent glow in the heart when one feel lonely. Thus the child solved the simple equation by subtraction and was left with


Artwork by ASTRO

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