Losing Games

“That is my greatest fear
That if, if I lost control
Or did not have control
Things would just, you know
I would be fatal. “

Did you like what you did to me? 

Did you like making me scream? 

Did you like making me crawl? 

Begging on the floor 

Once more. 

Tell me, 

What you desire 

Is my body for hire? 

Is this what you need? 

She cried. 

Telling me it was a mistake

She loved me

Needed me

To know

That I was the love of her life

But she just needed the control. 

I crawled 

Once more, to the door.

She screamed. 

Telling me to stay, 

Begging once more

For me to play.

Photography by Michelle Gutierrez

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