Old Friends

I met an old friend and realised our tethers as just that.

The space between 


Raptures time. 

Blinds my eyes. 

I am no longer in space. 

I am in my body. 

Who I used to be?

A being wanting to be seen. 

You were manly. 

I was a woman to you. 

Now we know that was not true. 

I see what I am now- 

Beyond your grasp. 

A mirror that makes you ask. 

You are far away. 

My heart remembers the day- 

When I would have stayed,

Longed to be friends

Till the very end

Now I know

That we are




On this journey of life. 

You are beautiful, but so is everyone in time.  

Old friend 

Be kind, 

Perhaps we will meet once more. 

This is my final chapter in this form.

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