Disconnect from Desire 

You never know what you desire until it is too late.

A story by Y.O.U 

My name is Desire and I have no friends. I am a lonely kind of beast, one that never sleeps and only walks during the bright hours. 

I am a door. 

A place that falls into infinity and I desire more, I can not disconnect from what I am. I am hungry, for what lives beyond the hand of man and has never touched land. 

I desire…

I want you to tell me the truth. 

What do you need? 

My seed is a lullaby you want to whisper. Stroke me with ease. 

Tell me what you know? 

I cried myself to sleep; scared to go home. Scared to say the truth, I don’t know what I desire. I only want the moon. On my brightest days I am the sun, and on dark nights, the moon turns blue. My hands are hungry for an unknowable type of truth. They reach into the darkest depths of space. 

 I do not have a name. I am an empty truth. I burn new possibilities into fruit.  I am a hurricane making more room. I am you.*

Yearning On Universes  

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