Fear is Skin.

As long as you wear skin,you have fear.

He thought he was above it all, he thought he was different. He thought he could evolve beyond his skin. Only a man draped in the abundance of air, can believe that he can go without it. 

He was drowning in delusion, perhaps this is why I fell in love with him.He was unique in his disturbance but after many years, I could see that this was his tone. He was a regular screech, in a valley of clashes and bangs.  

I was bored. He thought he knew what I was. I told him I was change, and he saw me evolve in front of his eyes but I was limited to his disguise, to his needs. I was a painted picture, he thought he could study. He denied his skin, it was then I could see that his skin was his truest most loyal enemy. He refused to kindle his eyes to my bloom and I refused to explain the change that was evident, if he let my wings have its rightful room.

I was so used to squeezing myself into the tightest of spaces, I could not see that he gave me a straw into his unique mediocrity. Convincing me that he was all I needed. 

He held my hands, this used to feel sweet.  I remember walking with him, being scared to leave.  He was the love that would give me health, or so I dreamed, when I was living in his fantasy. He was my solution and he adored this for me.  

When he told me, he had no skin. I knew then that he had no more space for me.  Only a human could say such a thing, a human made with the lineage of  Adam. If he had escaped his skin, why was I still draped in his fear?

This was a crime I could not argue against. A crime that I cannot avenge. 

It is a crime of man, that is not his own best friend. A man who could not be mine, as long as he lived his life with foul crimes, made of lies, inherited by those he chose to run and hide. 

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