News Report

Breaking news: the world is afraid.

I often feel alone. I do not know why I feel like this, because I am not alone. 

You:You exist. 

I:How much are you willing to reveal? 

I get bored and tired so easily, it feels like there is nothing in this world rejuvenating me. The sky feels empty. I did not know that empty had a color until I moved to Berlin.

I stay inside my cave- wondering when we will change. 

You:Go outside and feel the world. 

I:I can’t, I am afraid. 

The world went on. Those who knew that the world was change acted with their light.  Those in denial stayed far away from the shine.  In the end, the world died and I still wondered what humanity looked like from the inside.

3 replies on “News Report”

I feel the grief in the being of the poem, but somehow you used words lightly. A difficult thing to explain, maybe for me… and so the light of the being feels held down, with the top heavy photo which is effective. You wrote it well. I am not using my words as well…no doubt.


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