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We make our way home.

A Komet, A girl and Tomorrow

Two beings make their way to Earth in the vastness of space. The human is nameless while the comet is named Komet. They discovered the human characteristic named labeling while the girl  surrendered to a black hole, Komet believed it made them quirky and insisted on the girl acknowledging their invisible presence via name. 

 Their current destination was towards tomorrow, a portal on the left side of  timespace. Although both beings were made of tangible matter, only the girl could be seen by eye. Komet communicates via telepathy, and their English was learnt spontaneously at meeting the girl. Komet understands the girl via the musical energy existing in their soul, Komet reaches towards heart sensations and orders them into speech-like frequencies that create language in the girls head.  

The girl is furious over a misunderstanding that occurred via a conversation using  their makeshift language and has started an argument in order to release some of their anxiety and frustration at returning to earth. 

Girl: I tell you a story about dogs, clouds and death and you hear an allegory about loyalty, air and sadness.  We are a long way from home and we have many obstacles to overcome. Tell me- is this love? Is this how you treat those you love? 

Komet: Love? 

Girl: Yes love, have you heard of it? 

Komet: Foolish child, foolish sound. You do not know about love- you left your planet. (their laughter rings like bells in the girls head) You went out into space, not knowing if you would die or survive. You were hungry when I found you. You left your family and friends and you talk to me about love. I learnt the concept from you.To label what you are and what you see, and what becomes of everything around you, feels foolish child. (Komet, emphasis the foolish with a deep drum beat that shakes the girls head into a nearby star) 

Girl: (begins hallucinating Komet as a burning yellow creature with a purple tail, a coping mechanism to ensure their sanity in the vastness of space

I found you, we are going back together. We can help, you can help. 

Komet:  You left everything you know in order to find a parcel of hope and you found me. You speak of love- I do not know the meaning of love but I know it requires effort and dedication, both of which I have shown you. 

Girl: Why did I do this?  What if nothing helps them. What if nothing we do, brings them to the sky. I am asking why, we chose this and not…

Komet: You love me and I love you and you left earth but  you are coming back and I am joining you and we are going to have fun because we made it across space and we were having a good time until you got mad. We will convince them to let go, we will convince them to trust the sky. 

Girl: Promise. 

Komet: No, But we will try.

They had reached the portal named tomorrow and they went towards the light, only to meet fountains, puddles and rivers of darkness on the other side.

3 replies on “We make our way home.”

OMG 🙂 This is my favourite band as-well as the song that made me fall in love with them. I am honoured you could hear them in my work but I am also amazed tat the serendipity nature of it all.


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