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Tell me, what do you need? 

A child goes meets a wandering sound in the expansion of space.

Unknown:I need you, tell me about the world- Earth. Tell me what you know. 

Child: It is colourful, there is an active movement in most things and everything is alive, pulsing off each other at all times. Nothing exists without orbiting another and humans have this called time, but it’s really just change-movement. It is a strange game they play. 

Unknown: What else…..

The child looked up at the strange figure that appeared to have no standing body or alignment in the dark space of their meeting. The only evidence that the child was not alone was the vibrating heat that lived behind their ears, a clue that life was nearby trying to communicate. In this dark place, you could go days, weeks, months, centuries without feeling a thing and then one day you meet….

Child: It is loud.  Sound exists everywhere, vibrating of each other. Silence does not really exist there but they use it to make music.

Unknown: Music? What is music? 

Child: It is the pulse between your heart and eye, when you witness a magic you can not explain. You can play it using tools or sometimes using your own body.

Unknown: Do you play it?

Child: No, but I have friends that do- you will meet them soon. When we arrive, I will take you to them. 

Unknown: What do they look like? 

Child: Who? 

Unknown: Friends-

Child: Well they look like unimaginable molecules that become communities. They gather  together like snowflakes to create mountains.  Each particle is unique but sometimes, you lump them together. You can’t pick a friend, you must foster and grow with them, sometimes they last for a day but sometimes, they last generations and multi verses, to be with a friend, is to witness a truth becoming. A settling space that allows you to play. 

Unknown: Truth? 

Child: Look at me, 

The fracture of space, called the unknown, creeped its electrical pulses to the feet of the child and moved its void-like essence closer to the child’s sensory pockets until the fracture was nose level with the strange soft flesh that was guiding it into unknown territories of space. 

Child: Close your eyes. 

The unknown being reduced their pulsing heat to a wrinkle, as small as sugar cane. 

Child: Imagine the smallest thing in the universe. 

The Unknown being went to their birth place, water flushed them into loose vibrations of nothing. 

Child: Now imagine the largest thing in the galaxy. 

They both took a deep breath, the child squeezed their eyes tightly although darkness was the only space. 

Child: Now find the reflection, where they meet. What do you smell? 

Unknown: No- thing. 

Child: Exactly. 

They were a long way from earth but both were moving closer to understanding what it meant to be in need of each other.  The child believed this was friendship while the unknown being saw this as a loosely  orbiting  experience that it would remember in the next dimension of its life, when they arrived on earth. It would learn that humans called this love. 

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