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Death Knock

A moment with the one I love.

Death: I want to know the story behind your eyes, why they flicker and fly, why they grow my feet with every blink, my shadow lurching towards you, wishing to sink. With every thought that moves in your mind,I become in a new light. I can’t imagine being without you anymore. 

Child: I want to know what you want from me? 

Death: I wish it was that easy. 

2 replies on “Death Knock”

Death expects defiance from a child, if the child asks too many questions, it grows up and “dies.” Metaphorically and/or literally. Your poem is POWERFUL. I love how you handle dialogue… and pose questions. Not that I’m supposed to be answering back… but fun! I read someone’s work using Plato (I think?) who wrote dialogue like that “exposing” his readers “moral compass” or something to that effect. I am not totally well read on “philosophers” so I apologize if I’m all over the place… 🙌🏻❤︎


Hi again, I wanted to let you know that the site “Grace of the Sun” is among one of the “Open Source” sweepers that move down the wordpress reader to glean follow-backs and likes and comments, but if you click on them it allows malware/spyware/adware and spreads virus if you’re not careful. I have now more spam than I can handle due to this. I attempted to alert wordpress staff, but they are in fact in on the OpenSource business model that they are calling “free speech” a misnomer, but still their newest business model never the less… due to them being in the hole financially. So be careful! I miss your writing. Happy New Year to you. ❤︎🙌🏻


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