Mothers are not always Lovers

Some things will never be forgotten. Some people you will never leave behind. Some people will never know what it means….

I used to cuddle your feet,

Paddle at your toes,

Scratch your nose,

Begging for your embrace.

Your eyes blurred,

Your smile sterned

As I began stretching

Around mine.  

Your breath,

Clogging in your cheeks,

Whistling and curling over me.

Your lips,

Savouring me with each affectionate hug,

Holding me beyond physical touch.

You knew me so well,

My smell induced by the aroma of our shared flesh.


Until I no longer sat on carpeted floors,

Sucking on the nectar of your form.

I began to break protocols.

I broke traditions.

I broke your heart.

When I came home

In platform boots

Towering over you

Holding her hand

In your gaze

I felt like sand.  

I loved her.

Your feet took on a warrior stance.

You became the men

You taught me to fear,

You pushed me away




For the day,

I sat crowded at your feet

Begging for you to pick me.

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