Characters Play (Scripts) Stories

 A reflection of eternity within another time planet.

A student that wants to learn refuses to see.

In the largest university in the galactic dimension Earth 679, a lecturer was teaching a rebellious student the rules of reflection. The student was alone in a room, darkened by their own lack of knowledge and aided by their own perception. Only by settling themselves into the unknown would they be able to move onto the next floor.  

The point of this course on Earth 679  was to see beyond your form and understand the many worlds that existed beside your own. Our student refused to comprehend the shadow of each world and thus was stilled and consumed by their own darkness. Stuck staring at their reflection, arguing with themselves, although they believed they were being held by their lecturer. 

They never moved onto the next floor where grace, ease and dignity sat peacefully. 

Lecturer: I hate to have to tell you this, but they lied to you. Reflections do not lie. What you experience when you see  your reflection is what you are. 

Student A: What do you choose to be? This is what you will see. 

Student A reflection: I appreciate the love you show me. 

Student A:What about the reflections that I do not see? The reflections of hungry, angry and despised although they are pleased by the laws they enforce, they insist on my annihilation. They speak of written freedom rather than free movement. I do not believe these are reflections of me, how can they be. They deny me. 

Lecturer: It is infuriating I know but reflections do not lie, whether they help you stand or bring you to your feet. A reflection tells you the truth about what you see and are living embodiments of ‘the world is messy’.  For instance,  you are a 3-D body but you perceive yourself in 2-D. The fullness of your experience may lie in knowing that the complexity of your experience lives in what you can not perceive. A reflection that you dislike will teach you about the world in ways that will help you strengthen the roots of your own. Do not look away. 

Student A reflection: Reflections are the loving space between worlds. Every world has a shadow and every person is a world upon themselves, with their own gravitational force. Thus a reflection could simply be another way of life, like mars 796 to earth 457, although they hold different climates and habitations, their difference is the reality of a complete organism. Nothing is existing alone and reflections are evidence of this as experiential existential life. In other worlds, reflections hold the chaos of being and we can not deny the many forms of order. We can however look into other worlds to help us understand our own.  

Student A: I see what you mean but I am not what kills me.

Student A reflection: I see, tell me what do you think you are?

Happy New Year from a dimension similar to yours but 5 movements everywhere else.

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