Wild Strawberries

Having a crush is a very sweet sensation.

I want to love you into a new world of being.  Is this possible? I want us to be so sweet, our cheeks rise up into the sky and our eyes squinch and our stomachs squeal and our bodies rush like erupting rockets with every breath and every word we speak. Is such a thing possible? Could I love you so tenderly, you stroke me, your fingers grip my neck and I feel you could be an experienced baker making bread. Your fingers are helping me rise. I wont close my eyes. 

I want you to be a strawberry on my tongue, as I grip the green hairs that grow from your head, I slowly bite into your flesh. I want to savor you slowly, relishing the feel of you in my bones. How did you manage to find yourself beyond my skin, I never let anyone in. 

 You take me to a quiet place. The movement of the trees and the feeling of the breeze consume our attention until I lean towards your taste, desperate to see if the moon will move you to the sea as your tides fall around me. 

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