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The girl and the stump: Tied to freedom.

A girl, a stump and a road to freedom.

I knew a child , great in all the ways you can imagine a girl to be, except they carried a huge shame. They wore it on their back which felt strange- since they were not very tall and strong and thus on some days it would grow beyond their back and over their head until it made them look like a gravedigger carrying the dead. 

Well our child knew one thing, to let go of this shame, they had to choose. Choose something they were not ready to see or comprehend easily. 

“ What do you need?” 

Well the child thought this was easy and said it loud and clear- but the shame did not disappear. Eventually our child grew weary and decided to let their shame shape itself, let it grow and yield itself with time, the child believed it had its own life, that it had its own will. 

The child knew their needs and she did try to follow them enthusiastically but she also knew her wants and often got them mixed up. She would often do, what many children choose, follow what someone else thought was right rather than their own individual light until one day she turned to her shame and said 

“You will never go away” 

The stump turned its face, into an easy and mischievous glare and said “Not until you realize that I am older than you- not until you see- that you do not need, what you want- as much I need to be tree, until you make the distinction, I will be something you carry.” 

The child stood still, engraved with the years. 

The stump’s mischievous glare was gone but the child never forgot the look in its eyes and how frightened she was to put it down. How she carried it till the end,too frightened to let it  grow and say “I know you were cut, I know that you were misplaced, years before I had a face and you were engraved,marked by hands belonging that were not your kin. You were a tree and I will let you grow into what you need because I know like me, you also want to be free.”  

Our stump never grew and our child always thought they knew what to do until their child inherited a stump too. 

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