We are Acceptance

My body is seen as poronrgraphic .  My body is censored.   My body is read as woman, They will kill me for it.  My body is read as black, They will kill me for it.  I am trans.  They will kill me for it.  I made of stories and hopes. I am made of […]

Character 1

The roommate Day.   She sits waiting. Changing in disgusting of ways. Shadows follow her in the day, not in reflection but in gloom. They hide in her room. It is the movement of her feet that irritates me. The tip and tap and hushing of her toes against the floor, she mutes the delicious […]


They will shoot you down for your bravery,  Dead on the street.    Ripping you,   With rotten bleeding teeth.    Their words seep   You see no mercy.   The nothingness  of  life.    Summed up with, Breaking news body found in lake.    Please don’t take him away.     They will shoot you […]

Forbidden Fruit

I like nothing-  Other than you.    Your tender skin- Peeled into a crunch.    Savouring love.    Your flesh ingrained with delicious desire.    Wetting my lips Bending my neck,  I bite.  Your flavour sinks into my life,  Seizing my mind,  With your fragrant ties You take me over- I beg for nothing-  Other […]


Desire I make tea. I feel lost without you, A makeshift map,                        of  arrows on the ground,   Hearing,          whispers of your sound.   I feel lonely without you, The Bear,           in approach.   Gnawing my clothes, Ripping my flesh A tasty bed, of disgrace.         Moisture builds on your lip, You […]



Pride.  I am not a child of pride. Nothing to see.   I am not a child of pride. Nothing to bleed.   I am not a child of pride. Nothing to know.   I am not a child of pride. Nothing to grow.   I place a seed in my hand, Cocooning my head […]


I am not a pineapple. I am a being that is more than sight and taste. I have feelings that are as tender as changing shape.