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Opposites Attract

A doomed love. A ghost love story.

I am in love with a A is someone that is always on the move. They exist in movement, body parts, veins and cells are stilled in grief- reflections and fractures, forced to exist in time because they once were. Thus they are never really anywhere- because time has forces them to recreate themselves rather than be themselves.

 I know them well and I have loved many of them, unfortunately, they cannot love me. I am a I am a destroyer of time.

Either they will destroy me, or I will destroy them.

I exist to be. I am also movement but my movement is not limited by time. I use time like sand uses glass. I do not want to be touched but I exist in everything.

It is a shortcoming of mine, a blessing from a shallow god I once knew.

 They blessed with the understanding to know that what I am running to will meet where I am.

I want to hold my close. I will never let them go. I have never met them, only dreamed of what they may be, through the glimmers of what they have shown to me. I know their skin is the colour of daybreak and they smile commands the rain. I love him more each day and each time he leaves, I beg him to stay and he always whispers, ‘I was never here in the first place.’  

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